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@ Olsen Stadium. cover window  . @ Allee Gymnasium. MORNINGSIDE. CoSM. COLLEGE OF ST. MARY  . cover window  .
Home basketball live scoring not available
MBB home. WBB home. cover window  . NORTHWESTERN. 1/18 WBB vs. BCU. 2/1 WBB vs. Mside. 1/18 MBB vs. BCU. 2/1 MBB vs. Mside. home bb. cover window  . MOUNT MARTY. 1/29 WBB vs. Dak St.. 1/29 MBB vs. Dak St.. 1/25 WBB vs. BCU. 1/25 MBB vs. BCU. stretch home. dak stats home. cover window  . MIDLAND    . 1/25 MBB vs. Doane. 1/25 WBB vs. Doane. 1/21 MBB vs. Dordt. 1/21 WBB vs. Dordt. 1/18 MBB vs. Grace. 1/18 WBB vs. Grace. home fb. HASTINGS        . cover window  . 2/1 MBB vs. Midland. 2/1 WBB vs. Midland. 1/21 MBB vs. NWC. 1/21 WBB vs. NWC. cover window  . DORDT            . 1/28 MBB vs. Doane. 1/28 WBB vs. Doane. 1/25 MBB vs. NWC. 1/25 WBB vs. NWC. home. cover window  . DOANE            . 2/1 WBB vs. CoSM. 1/21 MBB vs. DWU. 1/21 WBB vs. DWU. 1/18 MBB vs. Hastings. 1/18 WBB vs. Hastings.
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women bb. men bb.
Home football live scoring not available
CONCORDIA    . cover window  . 2/1 MBB vs. Grace. 1/27 WBB vs. CUWI. 1/27 MBB vs. CUIL. 1/25 WBB vs. Hastings. 1/25 MBB vs. Hastings. 1/21 WBB vs. Mside. 1/21 MBB vs. Mside. men bb dak. @ Dakota Dome. women bb dak. BRIAR CLIFF     . cover window  . 2/1 WBB vs. Dordt. 2/1 MBB vs. Dordt. 1/28 WBB vs. Midland. 1/28 MBB vs. Midland. 1/21 WBB vs. Bellevue. 1/23 vs. MBB Grace. 1/11 WBB vs. BCU. 1/11 MBB vs. BCU. cover window  . DAKOTA WESLEYAN. 1/18 WBB vs. Dordt. 1/18 MBB vs. Dordt.